Recently a friend reached out to me saying that his company generates lots of data regularly but it’s all disparate and unwieldy. A common enough predicament. So while perusing this website, he realised that I might be the right person (#humblebrag) to tame and collate the data and to make it ready for deriving insights that will inform business decisions both for their clients and the company and aid crucial business processes like detection of fraud and anomalous behaviour.


My primary objective will be to create an enterprise data warehouse or data lake and identify the various analyses that can be performed. Once we have an understanding of that, we can work on figuring out whether any of this could be packaged as additional services for their clients.


At the outset, I've come up with the following questionnaire to kick things off and to start planning the design. My goal is not to make the questionnaire too lengthy and put them off but at the same time make sure I get enough information to understand the modalities of the business and the project to be able to come up with ball park estimates for effort and timeline, so it needs to be concise but thorough. I will certainly dig deeper to understand the business processes better and come up with an optimal design but I don't need to go into the nitty-gritty of things at this point.

Please access the questionnaire here:


This is very much a work in progress and it's also my first stab so I need all the advice I can get. Therefore, please be forthcoming with it and let me know anything you can think of that I might've missed. At a later point, with more experience ad understanding of the process, I hope to standardise the questions (at least the non-business/domain specific ones) and create a form on this site.

[N.B.: I've redacted some questions as I don't want to reveal much about the business and/or domain]

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