My most recent personal blog was on Tumblr but they hid it saying it had "sensitive content". They'd specifically said "sensitive media" but I didn't have any unparliamentary videos or pIctures, so I wrote to them and their reply just reiterated their message and suggested writing to them to rectify (mother of all self-references). This reminded me of the ancient symbol Ouroboros, a dragon that continually consumes itself, denotes self-reference.


Most friends know that I'm not exactly superstitious but this I thought was a sure sign of the end of this blog and my dalliance with Tumblr. I don't really have much to say about the platform, except that I enjoyed reading a couple of fellow tumblrs, the incomparable Neil Gaiman and two of my best friends, blibberingschrodinger and Poornakatha.

I kind of knew around when this happened so I deleted the two latest posts and checked but when that didn't help, I just deleted all my posts with pictures or videos. As this was done in a fit of "rage" of sorts, I didn't really look for a way to 'unpublish' the posts instead of deleting them, and also didn't back them up or make a note of what I was deleting. Paraphrasing Susan, one of the brilliant characters envisioned by the singularly gifted Stephen Moffat, making sense gets in the way when one is angry.

I do remember a couple of posts that I liked and have also cross-posted them at other places, and plan to give them a permanent residence here, so do come back to check them out.